Glossophobia (Public Speaking Anxiety)

Glossophobia (Public Speaking Anxiety) Glossophobia has its roots in social anxiety and social phobia. When we’re speaking publicly, the audience will be paying attention to us and listening to what we have to say. Fear of public speaking can be reinforced when we make mistakes, it comes from a fear of being judged, which can […]

Sport Hypnosis: A Winner Mindset

Sport Hypnosis: A Winner Mindset How hypnosis can help you quickly develop the winning mindset in any sport. Enhancing sports performance with hypnosis is nothing new, it been used to enhance sports performance since the 1920’s and the reason it’s been used for such a long time, is that is works.  While there are still […]

Hypnosis For Procrastination

Hypnosis For Procrastination How good are you at getting things done? Do you find frequently promising yourself to get something done “tomorrow” and for some reason, tomorrow turns into the next day, until eventually everything done at the last minute? You are a procrastinator! Are you a Procrastinator? How good are you at getting things […]

3 Hypnosis Techniques To Reduce Symptoms Of Menopause

3 Hypnosis Techniques To Reduce Symptoms Of Menopause Hypnosis can help you in several ways – including managing your menopausal symptoms. Menopause can be a challenging time for many women; a reduction in the hormone estrogen also causes it; the symptoms of Menopause are both physical and emotional. It begins in the late 40s or […]

Stop Worrying!

Stop Worrying! There are ways how you can manage your worry and anxiety. 6 Tips to less worry! Deep-Breathing Exercise When you find yourself worrying, try this Deep-Breathing Exercise: Sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes. Image a sense of calm filing your body Take a deep breathe in through your nose. Breathe […]

Are You A Shopaholic???

Are You A Shopaholic??? As we know shopping can bring you happiness at that moment let say just only 1 min or a few hours? You are only avoiding problems in your life and also affect your family and finances. Black Friday 50% discount off Cyber Monday 50% discount off + 10% discount Christmas Holiday […]

Setting Lifetime Goals

Setting Lifetime Goals Many people feel as if we work hard, but we don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile. A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven’t spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and haven’t set formal goals. Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about […]