Sport Hypnosis: A Winner Mindset

How hypnosis can help you quickly develop the winning mindset in any sport.

Enhancing sports performance with hypnosis is nothing new, it been used to enhance sports performance since the 1920’s and the reason it’s been used for such a long time, is that is works. 

While there are still a few sceptics out there, who label hypnosis trickery or mind control, hypnotherapy is recognized as a legitimate therapeutic modality proven to be highly effective in bringing about positive change, getting rid of old habits and making room for new ways of thinking, both logically and creatively.

Sport hypnosis works on the principle of the mind-body connection, and as advances in neuroscience and psychology have been made and the science studied, we now know that the two are unequivocally linked.  Our minds and our bodies are in constant communication with a flow of neurotransmitters from the brain to the cells of the body and back again.  In short, your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act.

The primary objective of hypnotherapy is to bring the physical body and the subconscious mind into balance, which is why it’s so well suited to enhance sports performance.  Athletes often refer to being ‘in the flow’ and during this time they are in fact in a hypnotic trance.  Attention is fixed, focused and the subconscious mind goes into autopilot in order to get the job done.  And it no surprise that hypnotherapy provides sports men and women within an invaluable ‘secret weapon’ that can dramatically improve overall performance.

There are many well-known athletes who have worked with hypnotherapists to achieve significant gains in their performance, regardless of their discipline.  Hypnotherapy helps athletes to perfect their skills, finely tune their technique, improve their self-confidence and overcome self-doubt or performance anxiety.

Tiger woods is a fine example of a top sportsman who has used hypnosis to achieve a phenomenal level of success.  He has reportedly been using self-hypnosis techniques and mental imagery, since his early teens.  

Another way in which hypnosis can be utilized in competitive sport is in dealing with pain and injuries.  Learning to disassociate from pain can help you cope better with it, and perform in spite of it. 

How hypnosis can help you develop the true winner mindset

Be a Winner, when you set time aside to repeatedly relax and listen to these carefully framed hypnotic suggestions, your brain will automatically absorb and integrate the fundamentals of the winning mindset.


You’ll quickly and easily learn to 

  • Stay focused on success
  • Clearly visualize and tune in to being the winner
  • Dramatically develop your capacity to rebound from setback without losing focus
  • Be your own most powerful and effective motion.

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